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DSTV Decoders Which Can And Can’t Be Fixed:

Dstv Installer Johannesburg known by all far and wide as DSTV has been around for twenty four years(that’s since 1995) and counting. As we already know , DSTV is the top of the top when it comes to direct broadcast satellite service with no real competitors. DSTV over the years have always kept their customers enticed, content and entertained to the maximum by constantly upgrading and improving their services to fit in with the current and up to date demands.

With that said that means that for the last twenty four years new DSTV have constantly been coming out with new and improved products such as decoders ,constantly being released. Today in 2019 some of these old decoders have become obsolete and out of date. There are a couple of decoders that are still being used by Dstv Installer Johannesburg to view their favourite programs and channels.

If you are not trained or kept up to date with the latest products, it can get confusing from time to time, knowing which decoders can be fixed and which are beyond fixing. At this present moment there are two decoders available for purchase from Multichoice. These being the HD PVR Explora and the HD Decoder which is for single view.

When it comes to fixing and replacing decoders, most of the old decoders can be repaired. Sometimes when ones decoder is taken in for repairs, the customer is given a newer model to use while they wait for their decoder to be repaired. There are a handful that became classified as “end of support” five years ago ,which means that they are irreplaceable and can’t be fixed as they are now obsolete.