Dstv repairs Johannesburg

DSTV Signal Problems:

If you get your DSTV installed by an accredited professional Dstv repairs Johannesburg, the chances of you having errors and problems occur are much slimmer than doing a self installation or hiring someone who is unqualified to do the job for you.

Sometimes errors such as signal errors and problems do occur as they are out of our control and can’t be avoided by having even the best of the installers in the game do your DSTV for you. One of the ways to prevent the experience of having the signal not found error happen is to make sure that whoever installs your DSTV for you tunes it to the right frequency. Another way to prevent the signal error for occurring is by making sure you have purchased the correct dish.

To get the best signal possible you should be using an eighty centimetre satellite dish (all accredited DSTV installers know this). What is just as important as the dish size, is it’s placement. It must be placed in the most suitable area to receive the best signal possible, and must be placed ever so carefully. Another factor that can contribute to having signal problems is the weather.

Big storms that bring heavy hail, strong winds or a hard downpour can most certainly mess with your dish and it’s signal. Another thing some huge storms can bring is lighting that can also strike your dish (in this case it is most likely that your dish will need to be replaced. very few places are able to repair a dish after it has been struck by lightning) other than Dstv repairs Johannesburg.