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Comparing DSTV To Netflix:

For the last twenty four years , DSTV has been extremely popular in South Africa. So popular in fact, that it is the only digital satellite service that has survived and is still in the game. DSTV have had no digital satellite competitors ever since TopTv crumbled and closed down. They have completely taken over the industry and rule it firmly.

There are two sides to the spectrum when taking a deeper look at DSTV. On the one hand, DSTV offer a large content variety to a vast amount of different people. They are the only local sports channel broadcasters so you wouldn’t be able to watch say your local Lions versus Sharks rugby game or an Orlando Pirates versus Kaizer Chiefs soccer game anywhere but on DSTV.

In South Africa ,sports brings all kinds of people together uniting them as one. Watching sports makes a great conversation starter among meeting new people and it also brings people together egging on comradely and friendships.

DSTV also offers variety to non English speaking people with options like Portuguese tv, Indian Tv and local channels such as SABC one, two and three which have programmes in other African languages such as Zulu and Afrikaans. There are currently twelve million subscribers to DSTV ,which is a very large portion of our country. DSTV try their very best to bring their viewers programmes from all over the world and of all kinds of genres, widening their demographic.

On the other hand, a lot of viewers have been complaining about the insane increase in prices over the years, making it harder and harder to afford the luxury of DSTV. People are also complaining about the constant repetition of some of the programmes on some of the channels, saying that there in fact isn’t that much variety anymore. These two factors that I have just mentioned are the start of the drop in viewers of DSTV. Digital television is starting to take over the tv industry.

Alternatives such as the very popular Netflix are becoming more reasonable to entertainment viewers. The prices of Netflix compared to DSTV are incomparable. As long as you have a stable internet connection (preferably uncapped), Netflix only costs a person one hundred and forty Rand a month. On Netflix you get all sorts of series, movies and documentaries, for children and adults. Every month new content is added to Netflix, making sure nothing ever becomes repetitive unless you want it to be. So if you can’t survive without sports programmes then it’s highly suggested that you stick to DSTV.