DSTV Installation- Repairs Testimonials:

“I now understand why your company has been running for eleven long years! Wow ,your service is just marvellous. I am obsessed with having DSTV. Seriously ,I can’t imagine a day without it. I love watching M-net and E! Entertainment , my kids love watching cartoons on all of the kids channels and my husband loves all the sports channels. DSTV brings my family together each night. Every night we sit together eating dinner whilst watching a show and talking about our days and just taking that time to connect with each other. We recently had to move houses to be closer to my new job, and everything was all in order for the new house except for moving our DSTV from the one house to the other. My husband was clueless when it came to doing it and so was I. One quick call to your company and I was instantly put at ease. I honestly thought it was going to be a huge deal to relocate the DSTV but after speaking to one of your lovely employees they explained how simple and quick it would be, and two days later my DSTV was relocated to my new home.” – Nicole -Sandton.

I want to highly recommend this company to anyone who is absolutely clueless about anything regarding DSTV. A lot of companies would take advantage of someone so clueless by throwing in unnecessary items or costs but not you guys. My DSTV kept saying something about a signal problem and I had no idea what to do or what that even meant. You guys clued me in fully as to why the problem occurred and also fixed it and it didn’t cost billions!” – Tara – Benmore.